Trump will shape America for generations to come!

On Monday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has announced that he is nominating Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court position that Anthony Kennedy has just vacated. Despite what liberals and Democrats want to think, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed in the Senate. And that means that in only 2 years, Donald Trump will have … Continue reading Trump will shape America for generations to come!


Start accepting rules!

People today have lost their way and they don’t understand how the world and they should function. All the social justice warriors and politically correct liberals have distorted the perception that we have about ourselves and about the world around us. We started to believe in our own lies and now, unfortunately, we are raising … Continue reading Start accepting rules!

The brutal truth about the immigration crisis!

Immigration is the hot topic right now. Everybody is talking about it and everybody is using it for political purpose. But unfortunately for all of you out there, reality is reality and you can’t dismiss it no matter how hard you try. And the reality is that liberals and democrats are making a huge mistake … Continue reading The brutal truth about the immigration crisis!

The silent majority!

People don’t vote based on principles! People don’t live their lives based on principles! Get that through your thick skull. I know, it goes against anything that you have been told by the mass media and influencers and Facebook and Instagram and so on. But it’s true and you should praise humanity for functioning that … Continue reading The silent majority!

We are all creating our own enemies!

The divide in our society is at a level I have never seen before. And it is only getting worse. And the incredible conclusion I just reached is that each side is actually maintaining the other one. Imagine a frontline where one side reinforces the other and so on. This is how our society looks … Continue reading We are all creating our own enemies!

Europe has reached a critical point!

Things in the world are shifting, and they are doing it at a very rapid peace. International diplomacy has transformed in the last year and it will continue to do so. Nobody can stop that from happening and we should all accept that the world as we knew it is forever gone. We are in … Continue reading Europe has reached a critical point!