The only thing that matters is being right!

I am so tired and annoyed about people complaining all the time and playing on emotional tropes whenever a problem arises. I am seriously fed up with the level of the public discourse all around the world. It’s like we are idiots and the only things that work for us are emotions. And that might … Continue reading The only thing that matters is being right!


Stop considering empathy a quality!

Empathy, empathy, be more kind, understand people, feel for people, feel for lost causes and be sad whenever something bad happens. This is the new mantra of today’s society. And if you don’t believe it, just watch an Instagram feed or a Facebook feed and you will agree with me. Everybody is jumping around trying … Continue reading Stop considering empathy a quality!

Democracy means Free Elections!

We are living in a world that is constantly changing. There are so many narratives out there, so many people that are fighting amongst each other because of politics. We see it in the United States, we see it in Europe, we see it all over the world. People that don’t like the results of … Continue reading Democracy means Free Elections!

You have to respect the State!

A lot of people are protesting. In the USA, in Europe, all around the world people are protesting. For political reasons, for religious reasons, it doesn’t really matter why, the main thing is that people are protesting. And a lot of these protests end up being violent, with groups of individuals attacking the police, the … Continue reading You have to respect the State!

Why do people identify with losers?

I’ve asked myself this for a long time now and I simply don’t understand it. I don’t get it, why do people identify so easily with those that lose, those that have problems, those that end up being crushed under the power of their enemies. Seriously, I don’t get it and I am actually starting … Continue reading Why do people identify with losers?

What is the Deep State…?

Everybody is talking about it. On the one side are the ones that believe in its existence and take the narrative to absurd levels sometimes, and on the other there are the ones that deny its existence entirely and call the first ones conspiracy theorists. There seems to be nothing in between and for me … Continue reading What is the Deep State…?

Not everything is a conspiracy theory!

Conspiracy theories… We have all heard of them, and we have all laughed at least once reading how the Moon Landing was faked or how NASA is kidnaping children and sending them to a sex camp on Mars. Yes, conspiracy theories are most of the times absurd and they make us laugh and wonder who … Continue reading Not everything is a conspiracy theory!

Enough with the liberal insanity, enough already!

I look around at liberals and democrats and the likes and I seriously don’t understand why they act like this. I seriously don’t get it and I am wondering if they themselves do… I mean, I think that democrats and liberals actually want to win election. I believe they want to win the midterms, they … Continue reading Enough with the liberal insanity, enough already!

This is why polling doesn’t matter!

We have seen it with Brexit, we have seen it with the Presidential Election and, if I am allowed to make a forecast, we will see it again with the midterm elections this November. Traditional polling doesn’t work anymore, or at least it doesn’t work how it used to. And this is why you should … Continue reading This is why polling doesn’t matter!