Trump is delivering!

You may like him or you might hate him, it matters not for the point I am trying to make in this article. Whatever your personal opinion of him might be, you can’t deny that Donald Trump is actually doing what he promised. He is true to himself, and regardless of how you view that, … Continue reading Trump is delivering!


Let’s be more intolerant!

I know, I know, how can he say that, how can he write that!? I mean the title message goes against everything that society is trying to teach you in like forever… But unfortunately for society, the title message is the one correct perspective and we should all understand that tolerance can be good, but … Continue reading Let’s be more intolerant!

I don’t want fat and ugly women into my ads!

I am so tired of this, I am so bloody tired of talking about this every single day over the last few years. We have reached a point of absolute insanity in our society and it’s starting to really piss me off. I am tired of spending hours and hours explaining common sense to people, … Continue reading I don’t want fat and ugly women into my ads!

Losing weight is about changing the way you live!

We all want to look better, we want to do better, we want to achieve more. It is normal, we are human beings and those impulses are natural. We should learn to use them positively though, because for so long we have gotten used to focusing on all the things that we want to achieve … Continue reading Losing weight is about changing the way you live!

The Midterms are coming, remember to VOTE!

So many things are happening right now, so many attacks, from both sides, so many people arguing one idea or another… The noise is getting louder and louder and it will keep going like this until the 6th of November… And yes, the subjects are many, I talk about those subjects, everybody is talking about … Continue reading The Midterms are coming, remember to VOTE!

You do get smarter with age!

We’ve all heard it, many times, that wisdom comes with age. Come on, you remember, when you were young, how so many people were telling you that you will change once you get older. It was actually very infuriating and you were very adamant that you will never change and that what you believe in … Continue reading You do get smarter with age!

The only thing that matters is being right!

I am so tired and annoyed about people complaining all the time and playing on emotional tropes whenever a problem arises. I am seriously fed up with the level of the public discourse all around the world. It’s like we are idiots and the only things that work for us are emotions. And that might … Continue reading The only thing that matters is being right!

Stop considering empathy a quality!

Empathy, empathy, be more kind, understand people, feel for people, feel for lost causes and be sad whenever something bad happens. This is the new mantra of today’s society. And if you don’t believe it, just watch an Instagram feed or a Facebook feed and you will agree with me. Everybody is jumping around trying … Continue reading Stop considering empathy a quality!

Democracy means Free Elections!

We are living in a world that is constantly changing. There are so many narratives out there, so many people that are fighting amongst each other because of politics. We see it in the United States, we see it in Europe, we see it all over the world. People that don’t like the results of … Continue reading Democracy means Free Elections!