Culture appropriation

Halloween came and went and of course we had to endure another example of stupidity. A little girl sparked a huge scandal because she wore a Moana costume.

Again, I repeat, a little girl dressed up as a character from a Disney animated movie and it led to a profound discussion about deep issues. I mean seriously, stuff like this makes me think we are really fucked up as a society. Before going into the actual subject of the debate, I have to say I find it simply astonishing that a simple Halloween costume can end up creating such controversy. It should be ok for our kids to dress up as anything, and by anything I mean absolutely anything. They are kids, not social justice warriors, they are KIDS! Stop taking yourselves so seriously all the time. Life is too short to get hanged up on every single imagined issue.

And now, because I am sure you are asking yourselves this, what could have generated such a scandal. Moana is an adorable movie and a very good comedy, so what is so wrong with wearing a suit inspired by it…? The answer is, of course, cultural appropriation. What is that you ask? Oh, it is when you are a normal person that has fun without thinking too much about it, but then the liberals and snowflakes get triggered and shout that you have stolen the culture of another race and thus you have destroyed their heritage and mocked their suffering and other amazingly stupid accusations like that.

So let me get this straight, a young girl that wants to dress as her favorite Disney character, who happens to be of Polynesian descent, and that is culturally insensitive. Are we high? Nobody owns culture, nobody has the right to deny certain symbols. I am allowed to do whatever I want, because traditions are not owned by the people who follow them. If I want to dress up as an Indian I am free to do that, if I want to dress up in a kimono and talk funny I am allowed to do that. It’s not wrong, it’s not insensitive, it’s a simple choice and you have to be really stupid to get offended by something like that.

Culture today is mixed together, because we live in a connected universe, and that means that influences are going to be more and more powerful. Instead of shouting that people steal cultures and appropriate stuff, let’s be happy that our symbols become more known. Yes, maybe I don’t understand the tragedies that plagued some races and cultures, but that has no connection with the fact I love their food. I can be totally oblivious to the drama that beleaguered a nation and still listen to their music, because maybe I simply like the music and I don’t care about the deep message behind it. We all have the right to not care about deep issues and to simply enjoy our lives, and I would go one step further to say that we not only have that right, we have that obligation!

Cultural appropriation is a good thing, because it makes you learn, it makes you have fun, it makes you enjoy life. Cultural stereotypes are also good, because, surprise surprise, most of them are true and funny. So yes, people may dress like us, people may eat our food, listen to our music, use our way of talking and so much more. It’s normal, it’s fun, it’s a good thing and it has no impact on the tradition itself. Yes, I am not an old and wise samurai or a cowboy or a pirate or an indian, but I can dress like one and have fun. There is nothing wrong with that and people should just get over it!


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