So… Can I be a Unicorn?

Please, can I be one? I mean I really feel like a Unicorn, deep inside I know I must be one. You will tell me they don’t exist, but that’s not important, I mean if a middle-aged fat white man can be a Filipino woman then anything is possible… Right? Right?


You are probably wondering now, WTF did I just read? Did I just read that a white man considers himself a Filipino woman? No, that can’t be true… But alas, it is:

And of course, liberals are yes, freedom, you should be free to be whatever you want, you should be free to live anyway you want if you don’t hurt others. It might sound reasonable, it might sound cute. But unfortunately, living any way you want, without regards to the natural order, brings many unwanted consequences. If anybody can choose whatever race or gender then what will happen when a 60 year old man decides he is actually a 10 year old girl and wants to go to school or use the girl’s bathroom. How ridiculous is it that everybody jumps up and down when a child wants to dress up as a Disney character, because hey, its cultural appropriation and its insensitive, but nobody bats an eye when people just decide they are a different race and gender than the ones they were born into?

Look, I’m not saying you are not allowed to feel however you like and I can actually accept the fact that for example a white person can feel black on the inside. I accept those thoughts, I accept their existence, but that does not mean they are normal and healthy. This is why we have psychologists, this is why we have therapy. Not to stop individuals from being themselves, but to explain to them that maybe their reasons are ridiculous.

Instead of giving this guy a pat on the shoulder and telling him that it’s normal to think he is a Filipino woman, maybe the better thing would be to explain to him that he can’t be a Filipino woman since he is not a woman and not fucking Filipino. That’s not discrimination, that’s not insensitivity, that is simply reality. Maybe it is time we stop lying to the people around us in order to protect their feelings. You tell your children that there is no Santa Claus and that they can’t be a superhero, so why not also tell them that, as much as they would like to, if they are born white they are white, or if they are born black they are black. What’s the difference? Why is one acceptable and the other one is not politically correct?

We must put an end to this pandering of stupid ideas. You can believe whatever you want, you can feel whatever you want, but that does not change reality. If I want to believe that I am a billionaire I am free to do that, but that does not mean I am one. If I want to believe I am black I can go right ahead, but a simple look in the mirror will tell me I am white. Let’s start teaching those around us that it is ok to have dreams and desires, but it is not ok to live inside a bubble filled with lies just because those lies make them feel better about themselves. If you don’t feel good about yourself, then change yourself, become better, work towards that. Don’t just lie, because lying to yourself is the worst thing a human being can do. You can change a lot of things about yourself, but you can’t change your DNA, no matter how politically incorrect you might think it is…




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