A year with Trump

I was one of the few people on the face of the earth who predicted Donald Trump’s victory 1,5 years before the actual election. I won bets with many of my friends on that topic. And now, 1 year after Donald Trump became president of the United States, I honestly believe the entire world needed a president like this. He has made mistakes, a lot of them some would say, he has taken some poor decisions and etc., but still, I am 100% confident that we needed a person like this in charge in America.

Politics is becoming more and more isolated from the real world. People govern and talk and say things, and watching them, you get the feeling they are from another planet. And this applies not only in politics, but in almost every other public outing. People act weird, they act unnatural, and this is why the public is starting to lose faith in the media, this is why “stars” don’t have the impact that they used to have. There is a huge desire all over the world for natural reactions, for natural behavior. I want to see politicians that talk like me, I want to see politicians that are not afraid to not be politically correct if that is how they really are. It is time to vote for people because of how they really are and not because they show us what they think we want.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is not the answer to this, because he is also playing a role. But his role is a step in the right direction, because he says things that seemed impossible to say a couple of years ago. We need this type of sincerity, we need leaders that are human like us and not robots without thoughts or desires. Every single one of us says stupid things, does stupid things from time to time, and it is simply absurd to expect that our politicians or stars or others loose those traits immediately after entering public life.

We need politicians that make mistakes and say stupid things, because then we can focus on problems that today we can’t touch. Take Duterte for example. He says he will kill drug traffickers and that he doesn’t care about human rights. Yes, maybe you think it’s terrible, but I think it actually raises a valid question. I am not saying it is right or wrong, I am just saying we need people with shocking opinions in order to start discussing deep issues that our politically correct societies have glanced over for decades.

Maybe we should build walls, maybe we should limit press freedom, maybe we should ignore human rights, or maybe we shouldn’t do any of those things. But WE MUST discuss them, without getting personal and without being outraged at every comment. People should learn from what happened a year ago and understand that in order for us to have a future as a species, we have to be willing to talk openly about ANY issue, and not just the ones that are on our agenda. No idea should be rejected a priori, no comment should be condemned just because it exists.

Despite what many outraged liberals say, I truly believe that Donald Trump has opened up a can of worms that should have been opened far sooner. Yes, he bragged about grabbing women by their pussy, and people still voted for him, because they had other priorities. And that is a good thing, that is a change in direction. Now I am not saying that you should grab women by their private parts, don’t get me wrong, I am just saying that maybe for some of us there are more important things to talk about than that, and again, that is a good thing. It is good that people discuss the issues that they feel are important to them, and it is good that every opinion, however extreme, can start a discussion today instead of simply being dismissed right from the get go. This is what we need, because this is the only way to real progress…


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