International news and why we should care…

People tend to focus on what is in their immediate proximity. And that’s normal, because your life should always come first. You have to worry about you and your family and so you choose to read or see the news that impacts you directly. A couple of dollars increase in the price of the new IPhone is more important to you then let’s say the crisis in the Middle East. And that is understandable and totally natural. But, unfortunately, it’s still wrong!

Even if you can’t see it, everything that happens in the world is important, because everything has consequences, and those consequences can come to affect you in the future. Sure, you don’t care about the war in Syria for example, at first you think that a bunch of Muslims killing each other at the other end of the earth is of no concern of yours. But then because of that war you get a wave of refugees, and those refugees in turn increase the risk of a terrorist treat, those refugees work for less and transform the job market, and the job market in turn influences the housing market… And the ball keeps rolling and what you once thought about as only a distant and unimportant event has now grown into an octopus that affects every single aspect of your life.

And this is applicable to almost any big event happening in another part of the world, events that we usually tend to not take to seriously until it’s too late. Crimea matters because it sets a precedent, Catalonia matters because it showed us what can happen when nationalism takes over and perverts good people. Sure, you think they don’t affect you, but then you look in your own country and you see that groups of people can get inspired from those events and act in the same way and it suddenly becomes your problem.

Sure, why should we care that another country lowers their business tax. And then we watch with amazement how our economy suffers because of that. Why should we as Europeans care that liberals are becoming more and more unhinged in America, we don’t care, they don’t affect us. But then the same phenomenon appears in our country, and suddenly it is affecting us, and we can only think how nice it would have been to think about this possibility before it happened to us. We have to understand that if we want to avoid future problems we should work on fixing the issues as soon as we identify them, even if we believe that there is no potential risk for us.

If we don’t like the politically correct movement that is currently infecting the West, let’s speak up now, when there is still something that can be done about it. If we want to hang on to our national culture, let’s fight for it now, not when there will be nothing left of it. Everything matters and we should always try and be informed about as many things as possible, including those which don’t have a direct link with us. It may surprise you to discover this, but the anti-corruption campaign in Saudi Arabia, the nuclear crisis with North Korea, the war in Syria, the pollution in China and so on are all important issues that will someday affect every single person on the face of the earth, and we should follow them and be informed and try to find solutions ahead of time and not just when the clock is nearing midnight.

We are not isolated and we have to understand that today, in the era of the Internet and of connectivity, a leaf falling down thousand miles away from us can still have a greater impact on our life then the trash our neighbor dropped on our front lawn.




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