We are not equal

So many people and organizations campaign endlessly for equality. It has become one of the most recognizable characteristics of what is considered today a good person, to treat everybody around you as equals. And it sounds so nice, it sounds like a very good principle by which we should all lead our lives. We have a struggle for equality in almost every single discussion in our society and it is one of the most important goals of the social justice warriors. Everybody is equal and should be treated equally. Fine and dandy! The only problem is that we are not fucking equal, we never were and we will never be equal.

Now before you jump out of your seat, let me tell you what I am talking about. I am not talking about equality in the eyes of the law and the government. Yes, we must be equal when you take law into account. We should all have the same basic rights, we should all have freedom of speech, medical care, social care and many more. These rights have to be guaranteed by the government for everybody, regardless of their race, color, gender or beliefs. But this is where equality has to stop, because going beyond these human rights is simply ridiculous and leads only to absurdity and resentment.

We are not equal when we interact amongst ourselves, nobody is equal to anybody else, because every single one of us is a sentient and unique being. We all have a set of traits that made up of good things and flaws. And it is a normal thing to interact with those around us based on that. It is coded in our DNA for us to analyze those around with certain criteria’s. If they rise up to our expectations we interact with them and establish relations, if they don’t we move on. Liberals want to change this, because they are afraid of being rejected, they want to live in a bubble where everybody applauds their every move and thought and nobody criticizes them.

I don’t want that, because I am strong enough to assume my flaws and accept them. And this is why we must fight to be able to act according to our own beliefs and not according to a universal rule book that tries to level the playing field. We should not adapt our schools and lower the level to that of the worst students, because that is not fair for the brightest ones. We should not lower the standards of beauty just because we have to be more inclusive, because that’s not fair to those who work for years for their bodies. I am free to judge people based on whatever criteria I want, and if I treat a fine looking woman better then I treat a man it’s my choice and it should be respected.

Yes, a fat person may feel left out if everything that he or she sees are beautiful supermodels, but that’s not the fault of the supermodels. Maybe it’s not even the fault of the fat person, maybe he was “born that way”, but why the fuck should that matter? I want to see beautiful women in movies and commercials, though luck for ugly people, I won’t change my desires just to make them feel better about themselves. And it’s the same with every single field. Our society is starting to promote mediocrity and to lower the standards, because high standards mean that many people are left out. And that’s wrong! We should not lower the standards just because the losers whine and complain, life is not a daycare center and there have to be many losers in order to have winners. So instead of complaining that we lost we would be far better on focusing how to win the next time.

Instead of trying to make everybody the same, we should encourage everyone to focus on their strong points. Yes, you are fat, but hey, maybe you are very smart. Yes, maybe you are stupid, but you look good, so focus on that. Every single one of us has good things going for them, so instead of asking for the world to change in order to facilitate our success, we should maybe grow up, stop whining and use our qualities to succeed. We should never expect society to help us feel better about ourselves, because happiness depends only on us. If you want a better you, start fucking working for that! Nobody owes you anything and that is perfectly normal!


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