Stop the culture of shame

We live in a world that is starting more and more to resemble a huge high school. Everybody is complaining about everybody and all of us are whining all the time. The subjects are not even important, everything that we do is moan and complain. Open any news station, TV, print or online, and all you see is “Shocking”. Everything today is shocking, everything is unheard of before. We live in a world in which the culture of shaming other people has become norm. Every single one of us is complaining about those around us and we are actually proud of that. We have become proud whiners and we have accepted that we are weak and incapable of getting over even the most basic stuff.

This culture of shame has become our new creed. Everybody is guilty of doing something and everybody should feel ashamed in doing something. And I am not talking only about the liberals or the snowflakes, no, we are all guilty of shaming others and whining about them. Instead of progressing as a race and becoming stronger, we have reached today a new low and we have transformed ourselves in whiny babies that get triggered about anything.

We argue with one another about how people dress, about how people drink water, about how people sleep, about how people eat… We argue about everything and we never say anything positive. Think about the last time that someone you knew talked to you and didn’t mention a problem he was having or something that he hated… We never talk about the good things anymore, we never talk about overcoming problems and about not caring about every single thing that goes wrong. We like to pity ourselves and others constantly, and we are proud because we have the stupid delusion that it makes us more sensitive and that is shows we care.

Well I am here to tell you that no, complaining all the time and getting triggered about everything does not show you care, it shows you are weak and you haven’t got better things to do. Shaming other people because they did something you don’t approve of doesn’t make you a social justice warrior and an involved person, it simply shows that you have too much time on your hands and you have to fill it with whatever trivialities come next. You should not care about how Trump drinks water from a bottle, you should not care about that coworker that said you have a nice ass, you should not care about the way your walls are painted. Actually you should not have time to even think about stupid things like this.

The culture of shame has to stop, because it is growing and infecting everybody. We are taught from kindergarten to be ashamed of ourselves, to say sorry over and over again and to question everything we do. Stop it! We should be proud of ourselves, we should take decisions and just go with them. Yes, we might be making a mistake, but fuck it, once it’s done, it’s done and there is no point of lingering on it. This “oh shucks” humility has to disappear because it is not doing us any good.

Yes, you will make mistakes, yes, you have desires that many people don’t agree with. It doesn’t matter, you should be yourself in every single instance. Stop caring so much about what the people around you say, you do not live for them, you live for yourself and you should never feel embarrassed by that. Shame is the most useless of human emotions, because it doesn’t offer tangible results, it just makes you feel miserable. Stop living in the past and enjoy the present. Mistakes happen… Grow up and get over it!


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