Didn’t it used to be “Innocent until proven guilty?”

I “member” that… I really think I “member” the way it used to be in the past. People were accused of a lot of things then as well, but in almost all the cases, the ones being accused denied those allegations and then there where investigations, maybe a trial and only after the verdict was given society took action against them. I mean I really remember how Max Mosley was accused of having orgies with prostitutes dressed up as Nazi officers and he still remained as head of the FIA, getting a vote of confidence from the board. And I can give you a ton of examples from the past, where people accused of things received the backing of their organizations until some investigations where concluded and some proof was given either way.

So what happened? Why is it that today at the mere single whiff of an allegation companies and organizations jump at the chance to fire people and ruin their careers? Where has the benefit of doubt disappeared? Aren’t we all protected by the 6th amendment? And shouldn’t this 6th amendment also be applied in our public lives instead of just inside a courtroom? Because the same way that people wrongly accused of murder can’t get back the years spent in jail, people accused of sexual harassment or corruption or other stuff can’t get back their careers and images if they are proven to be innocent…

Seriously, don’t you see we are heading on a wrong path? Our society has become like the medieval cities of old, where anybody could be accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake without any real proof… Look, I am not saying we should not stop sexual abuse or corruption or any type of crime… We should do that, and we should work very hard towards ensuring a safe and secure society for every single one of us. But that should never lead to ignoring basic human rights. Because yes, maybe 90% of the allegations against powerful people are true, but what do we do about the other 10%? What do we do about the people who are actually innocent and who, in today’s world, have to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE?

There is nothing more idiotic that this concept, of proving your innocence… First of all because you can’t prove a negative, as in I didn’t do that. You can’t prove something you didn’t do, so asking people to do that is simply moronic. And second, because it is a simple principle of law that the accusers accuse and the defenders defend. So if somebody says I was eating fries last night, I am not the one that has to offer proof that I wasn’t, he is the one that has to come up with proof to support his claims. This is how the world used you to work, but because of this recent insanity that spread all around, it doesn’t anymore.

We are all innocent of everything until someone brings proof to say otherwise. And no, a person saying that another person did something to him or her is not proof. Anybody can make an accusation, any prosecutor can write on a piece of paper that you are corrupt or that you stole or killed or etc… That does not mean you did anything wrong, and the prosecutor has to then come up with evidence in order to prove his initial claims. You have to have witnesses, blood tests, medical evaluations, video footage, recordings, DNA on a murder weapon, stuff like that. And then, after this proof is analyzed through the legal system, we can have a conclusion and act on it. But only then, not before, not during. Because the chance of getting it wrong and ruining someone’s life is, or should be anyway, too much of a risk.

Start thinking before accusing, start listening to facts and stop letting your emotions get in the way. I know it is easy to sympathize with victims, but let us at least wait to see if they are actual victims before throwing the first stone. Let’s come back to our senses and understand that nobody is guilty of anything just because we really really want them to be. We are innocent, everybody is innocent. If you don’t agree, PROVE IT!


2 thoughts on “Didn’t it used to be “Innocent until proven guilty?”

  1. No, outside of a court of law, and then only if things actually work as intended, it’s never been innocent until proven guilty. It has always been much closer to the other way around. It’s natural human nature – a survival strategy – to take allegations of potentially dangerous behavior as close enough to true to act upon until such time as their proven false.


    1. The fact that it is human nature and it’s what happens does not make it right or fair. And the media should try to help people to see things reasonably and objectively instead of leading the witch hunts, because the problem is not the actual masses, but the media who inflames them because they are simply following their agendas…


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