Stop being a snob!

Humans like feeling special. Just look around you, every single one of us likes to think that he is different, that he is above the norm. We feel the need to assert ourselves as pillars of individuality. And that is so sad, because at some point, reality comes roaring back at us and proves that we are not so unique and definitely not so special. Most of us then become depressed, because our beautiful fairy-tale is over and we have to look ourselves in the mirror and accept that we are just like all the rest, flawed human beings that have strengths and weakness, and nothing more. Well, most of us do that…

Unfortunately, some humans never accept the reality of their lives and go on believing that they are special. These are the snobs and we will be talking about them today. You all know them, they are all around you and maybe, just maybe, you are actually one of them without realizing it. I am talking of course about those people who think they are better than everybody else based on stupid things they think they do differently.

You know, idiots that listen to bad music that they actually hate because they think it makes them look good, crazy people that hate eating raw vegan but still do it because they are in touch with their ancestors, ecologists that cruise the world in airplanes to protest global warming, ladies that don’t shave their armpits because it’s more natural that way, and, my personal favorite, those that watch Manchester by the Sea and insist it’s a brilliant movie although they started to yawn after the first 10 minutes like all the rest of us…

Newsflash, you are better than nobody, you are the same as everyone else, but instead of finding pleasure in a trend, you find misery by being anti that same trend. Imagine this, a long stream of people walking into a direction, all holding and adoring IPhones. You are a free thinker and a rebel so although you want an IPhone too, you decide to walk in another direction, just for the sake of it. And in your mind, you are a rebel, you are a free thinker that is not tied down by the herd mentality. Take a look around you though and you will discover you are not actually alone. Every single snob that tries to be different and anti-mainstream, ends up being in an anti-mainstream mainstream…

The fact that you refuse things based on principles doesn’t make you special, it just makes you stupid. Be absolutely unprincipled and do whatever is good for you. If I hate McDonald’s with all my gut and they make tomorrow the best desert in the world, I will go and eat that desert and enjoy it. Go with the mainstream when it is right for you and depart from it on the portions where it doesn’t suit you. You have no obligations, your morality is not a quality that is making you special, it is just the rock tied around your neck that is weighing you down.

Life is not about principles, life is not about being different just for the sake of it. Rebel against the mainstream if you actually have a better solution then them, don’t just do it because you are a free spirit. Free spirits usually end up miserable, and there is no purpose in that, despite what generations of losers have told you. Failure and angst are not cute, they are not deep, they are simply useless. Your only goal should be happiness, and that is rarely achievable far from the madding crowd.  Forget any idea that doesn’t make you happy and learn to embrace life in all of its infinite possibilities. In the end, remember, being a snob isn’t sexy… Not at all…




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