Protest less, more sex!

More and more people are protesting, in the USA and around the world. Against governments, against certain groups, against certain political figures, against global warming, think about whatever you want and I can assure you there are some people protesting either for or against that certain thing… This culture of going to the streets whenever we don’t agree with something is growing more and more powerful. And you will say that is a good thing, that is how people express their will, that is how society becomes better.

And yes, protesting is good, but to a certain degree. You protest against a dictator or against violence, but you don’t fucking protest because you don’t like the result of an election, you don’t protest because you don’t like what a parliament is doing in the boundaries of law. We had millions of people go out after the election on the streets to protest against Donald Trump, and that is just stupid. Not because you are not entitled to a different opinion, but because you are banging your heads uselessly against a wall. You start a race, you agree to certain rules before the start of the race, and then you lose. What is the point of protesting it? Did the race follow the rules? Yes! Then the outcome does not matter from a legal point of view.

If for example a serial killer is eligible to run for office and people vote for him and he gets elected, than that should be the end of protesting. He won fair and square, deal with it. You don’t like it, tough luck, it doesn’t matter. We have to learn how to accept the inevitable, we have to learn to stop fighting against the windmills. We can’t change reality and we should stop trying to do it, because it will lead us on a very dangerous path. If we teach our children that whenever things don’t go our way we should start shouting like toddlers, we will raise new generations of people incapable of accepting any sort of responsibility.

Yes, we make a lot of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can change the rules of the game just because we don’t like the results. We have to accept our loses the same way we rejoice for our wins, it’s as simple as that. Stop protesting against reality, because you can never win, and even if you think you do, the change will not be sustainable. Start accepting that there are certain things that you can’t change and, even more importantly, there are some things you shouldn’t even try to change…

A lot of people feel that their lives are meaningless, and instead of accepting that and rejoicing in the freedom that comes with it, they start finding causes to rally behind, because that makes them feel important, that makes them feel worthy. Stop trying to find meaning in everything, stop trying to feel worthy. You are worthy by simply being alive, you have the right to be happy and that should be your only goal. Protesting and being martyrs is not going to make you feel better about yourselves, get that through your thick skulls!

And look around you at your next protest. Do you see the hate? Do you see the misery? That is because those people have time to protest only because they have nothing better to do. Their subconscious mind is screaming at them, do something else, anything else, but they have nothing, so the lie to themselves that protesting makes them mean something. If you really want to help people and make a positive change in the world, go to the next protest and tell everybody there to go home and have sex instead of wasting their lives shouting against made up enemies. That is what we need, not high and mighty principles. Go and have some sex and forget about changing the world for a night. You might discover that your life is not actually so bad… Protest less, more sex!


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