Buying useless things

The holiday season is upon us. Black Friday was just a couple of days ago. So that means it is that time of the year, the period in which we all buy and buy, everything we “want” and everything we “need”… We can finally have all those things that we have been pining for all year. And we can show to all the people we care about that we listen to them and that we know what they want and are ready to provide them with the perfect gifts.

But in all this hassle about what to buy next, have we ever stopped and asked ourselves if we really need those things? Have we ever stopped and analyzed rationally if those desires are actual needs or simply shadow screens we hide after? When was the last time you really thought about the things you buy, but not through emotional reasoning…? When was the last time you actually analyzed if you really need a bigger TV or a new phone or that amazing mini washing machine that is perfect for your socks?

This is a huge problem in our modern society. We have some ideas about what we need, but most of those ideas are rooted in the media and in what we see around us, as opposed to being generated by actual need. We have no idea what we actually need because we have been taught for so many years that we have to check certain boxes in our lives just for the sake of it. Everybody buys the new model of mobile phone even though most of us are happy with what we have today. How many of us really feel we need something more? I will tell you, almost 0 percent.

Now I am not trying to say that buying things is bad, not at all. But we should try to go past the frenzy of simply buying for the sake of it, and figure out better ways to spend our hard earned money. Our income is unfortunately not infinite, so we have to make hard choices with our spending. And these choices should come from us and only us, we should not let ourselves be influenced by what society thinks we should own. It’s nice to have a TV in the bathroom we are told, but let’s think about how much time we spend there every day and if it’s not several hours (if by any chance you do spend several hours a day on the toilet, please go out and see a doctor :P), than maybe we can use that money to do something else.

Don’t buy things just because you need to buy them, because you don’t need to do anything. You don’t have to impress anybody, you have to focus on your needs and the needs of those closest to you. That is all. Nobody will think less of you if you don’t have the newest phone, and if somebody does, than it should be clear to you that the person does not deserve your attention or your respect. Stop buying useless things just in order to impress others, because that is literally the most ridiculous way to spend your money.

And also, don’t buy things just because they are on sale. If the price goes down, that does not mean the product becomes better and that does not mean that your need becomes greater. This is the problem with the holiday season. Everything is on sale, so you have the idea that you should buy a lot of things you need in this period, because they are cheaper. But let me shock you and tell you that for the things that you ACTUALLY need, you are not willing to wait. If a pipe bursts in your kitchen, you are going to call a plumber and get it fixed right away, you are not going to wait for the plumber services to go on sale. So that is an actual need. If you think that you must have that new phone and you decide on waiting for 9 months until it goes on sale, than you do not actually need it. You might want it, and that’s ok, but don’t fool yourself by thinking it’s an imperative.

Stop telling lies to yourself and stop pretending you are somebody else. It is ok if you don’t feel the need to buy useless things, its ok if you decide to spend your money on something else. Buying is not wrong, but do it for the right reasons and most importantly, understand why you are doing it. Wanting is normal, lust is a perfectly humane emotion. But do not confuse lust with need, because than the madness will engulf you… Happy holidays!



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