No sexual fantasy is wrong

In these troubling times, where everywhere we look we see only sexual harassment and even a joke is considered a crime, I think it is important to stress in the minds of everybody that we are free to think and to act however we like, of course, in the confinements of the law. And this brings me to a very important aspect of any human being, the sexual fantasies we all have. Yes, you read that right, every single person on the face of the earth has sexual fantasies. Regardless of gender, religion, beliefs and anything else you can think of, regardless of everything else, we all have sexual fantasies.

And I am here to tell you that your fantasies are, without any shadow of a doubt, normal. Whatever you fantasize about, you are normal and you should not feel ashamed. We are all different and that means that many of us will have thoughts take seem crazy to the rest of society. But that doesn’t mean that they’re wrong or that we should force ourselves to suppress them. No, every single desire is ok to have and you should embrace it and cherish your own unique way of thinking and feeling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to act on your every desire, because then the world will look like a Purge movie. I am just saying that you should accept every desire as a normal product of your thoughts and you should act on every single one of those desires that are legal. This is the difference between us and animals, that we can choose to restrain ourselves if we know that our desires are not in accordance to the laws that govern our society. But we can’t and should not be held accountable for our deep thoughts, those that we simply keep to ourselves without acting on them.

A lot of people feel guilty for thinking about bad things. We should not. Thinking about bad or weird or stupid things is normal and it is part of our personality. We should not feel guilty about it, we should feel proud that we have the power to restrain ourselves, we should feel proud that even though we are thinking it, we are not doing it. Stop feeling ashamed of your desires and understand that we all have them to a certain degree.

And now getting back to sex, because that’s why you are all here. Sexual fantasies are the best, and we should always enjoy them to the fullest. Anything that happens between consenting adults is ok, so we should never be ashamed to ask our partner to do kinky stuff. Everything goes and if the other person or persons agree, feel free to try anything that you want. If you get pleasure from a certain fantasy, than that fantasy is perfectly normal and you should not feel guilty for doing it… In fact, you should never feel guilt, because guilt is the most useless feeling in the entire human mind…

We are sexual beings and we should rejoice in this fact. Stop trying to take sexuality out of our lives, stop trying to castrate our society. Yes, we sometimes see other people as sexual objects and nothing more, and that is ok. I do not want to live in a soulless society that simply follows the norms, and neither should you. Sex is a big part of our lives and instead of feeling ashamed about wanting it and searching for it, we should enjoy it every single time we get a chance. Life is too short to be worried about what other people will say about you, so be free and fuck however and whoever you want…


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