Liberals and the Alt Right

We are witnessing today a so called fight between the left and the right. Far Left, Alt Right, Antifa, and many other organizations and groups of people that seem to be at each other’s throats. The only problem is that these people are not a single organism, and it’s only the fault of the media that we ended up in dividing them into such clear categories. In fact, in the last months, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the problems that seem so big and real to us are in fact generated only by the media, sometimes because of the ridiculous search for ratings, and other times because of their own hidden agendas. But I will analyze that at length in a future article, so let’s get back now to the discussion at hand.

The world is not split between good and evil, the world is not black and white and we should never try to analyze it like that. Yes, people have different opinions, yes people come together in groups based on their opinions, but that doesn’t mean that the group opinion is also the personal opinion of every single member there. Think about it for a second, if you are a member of the Republican Party for example, does that mean that any position of the party or one of its members is automatically also your position?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you are not responsible for the groups you are a part of, but that responsibility is not absolute. Not every single person in a group agrees with everything that the group as a whole does, so stop analyzing people like that and stop assigning so many labels. Not every liberal is a snowflake and not every conservative is a religious fanatic. So if you feel the need to condemn someone, condemn the actual actions and the actual facts instead of simply condemning on a theoretical basis. If someone for example likes the NRA and is pro guns, that doesn’t make him automatically against abortions, so you should check if that is the case before blindly accusing him of that.

Everybody lost their minds when Trump said that there are bad people on both sides, but nobody actually tried to understand what he meant. Nobody is saying that extremist organizations are ok, but not all the people that have some ideas in common with those organizations are extremists. And going the other way, nice ideas are always enjoyable and appreciated, but that does not mean that everybody who shares some of those ideas is a good person. To be clearer, not every member of the alt right is a filthy criminal that wants to abuse women or minorities, and not every member of the far left is a crazy social justice warrior.

It’s just the media that makes us think that we are in the middle of a conflict between good and evil. There are no heroes fighting monsters here, there are just people who believe in different things arguing. Yes, some of them go too far, that is clear, but that does not mean we should demonize without analyzing each case. Think of it, we are told to not demonize Muslims because of the acts of terrorists, and yet the same people that tell us that go then and demonize the entire alt right because of the actions of certain deranged individuals. Tell me, what’s the difference between those 2 actions?

The main point I want to stress here is that we are more than one thing we believe in, we are a collection of ideas and theories, and it is wrong to judge someone based on a small part of his beliefs. Yes, there are a lot of crazy people out there, there are a lot of actual criminals out there, but before we judge them as such, we should investigate and try to understand them individually. It is simple to cast labels, but if we want them to have any meaning, we should always cast them individually and not collectively. Otherwise, hysteria will take over our society and the mass-media will win. And what person in his right mind wants that, am I right…? J



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