AA, or how to give yourself over to the power of stupidity

Alcoholism is a very powerful and damaging habit that has crippling effects on individuals in particular and on society as a whole. There are a lot of people that struggle with this addiction and a lot of bad things happen throughout the world because of alcohol. It is a real problem and it has to be tackled by all of us together. The only problem in the way we tackle is for me the fact that we are replacing it with stupidity.

When your addiction has ruined your entire life and you are desperate, you become vulnerable, and this is where the AA organizations come into the picture. You go there because you have no other hope, because you want to meet other people that struggle with the same issues. And that is ok, that is normal, that is actually a good thing. But it should stop at that, but unfortunately is does not.

The 12 steps program is an abomination and it does not fix the problems, it just masks them. Yes, it may be the only solution for a lot of people, but that does not make it good. When you give up control over your own actions to a higher power, you are not solving the problem, you are just refusing to accept blame for your own life. If you are powerless and you can’t do anything about it, then there is no blame, there is no accepting of the mistake. Accepting you are powerless means you give up responsibility, and that is just wrong.

I know, it’s shocking, but here is the truth. The only one responsible for your actions is you and you alone. You are the one that chooses to drink, you are the one that is ruining your life because you indulge too much. And the reverse is also true, because you are the only one that can choose to drink less or not at all. Not a higher power, not your sponsors, not those around you. The power to stop drinking is yours and yours alone and you should rejoice in it, not pass it along just so you don’t have responsibility in case you fail. Alcoholism is not a disease, cancer is a disease. Alcoholism is about willpower and discipline, and those come from within and not from an outside source.

Yes, you might fail, but that’s life, you have to accept that maybe you like to drink too much. Stop imposing absurd rules by proxies, start thinking about what you can or can’t do. Because this is another problem with AA and other organizations like that, they want to impose absurd standards. You know, people say, even after 30 years sober that they are alcoholics, because they have been programed that way. And by running away from addiction in this manner, they simply become addicted to the running away from addiction. It’s the same thing. Yes, maybe the effects are not nearly as bad as in the case of addiction, but the processes are the same.

You should never give up something you love out of fear. Yes, your drinking is affecting your life, that means you should DRINK LESS. That does not mean you should give up your life and your free will to a higher power and remain a slave to alcohol for your entire life, just on the no side this time. Stop being addicted by accepting that your addiction is a natural impulse that can be managed by yourself. You decide when to drink, you decide when to stop drinking and you decide how much you are willing to give up in order to fulfill this desire. Stop passing the blame on those around you or on vague concepts that make you feel better about yourself, they are all smoke and mirrors.

Drinking is not a bad thing, drinking too much is. And you are the only one that gets to decide how much is too much. Learn to enjoy your life without forcing yourself into boxes and without imposing stupid rules upon yourself. Free will is the attribute that defines you as a human, so don’t just give it up instead of simply putting that beer down. You are more powerful than that. And always remember, discipline comes from within…


“Stan:    Dad, you like to drink. So have a drink once in a while. Have two. If you devote your whole life to completely avoiding something you like, then that thing still controls your life and, ‘n you’ve never learned any discipline at all.

 Randy:   But, maybe… I’m just the kind of person who needs to have it all or nothing.

 Stan:    Naw. All or nothing is easy. But learning to drink a little bit, responsibly, that’sa disciprine. Disciprine… come from within.”

 South Park – Bloody Mary




2 thoughts on “AA, or how to give yourself over to the power of stupidity

  1. Maybe you need to stop ranting about things you know nothing about. For the alcoholic, the 12 Steps work and work well. I think you have a series of misconceptions about what the 12 Steps are and what they do. Maybe you should attend a meeting and actually see what it’s about, instead of pretending you know everything.


    1. Trust me, I know very well what the 12 Steps are, my father actually died from alcohol, so trust me, I know what I speak about and I stand by all the things I said above… The 12 Steps Program is not a solution, it simply masks a problem instead of actually resolving it.


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