Why are people so stupid?

Let me tell you a story. Imagine a bus, filled with people. It is customary for people to pay for the ride directly to the driver. The bus is waiting to leave and one person gets up and goes to the driver. He hands him the money for the faire, to which the driver replies that he can’t accept it now, but he will get up after the bus fills up and the doors close in order to take the money from everyone at once. And then that person sits down and 5 more people go up to the driver, one after the other, in the space of 1 minute, trying to pay. The driver repeats to every single one of them that he can’t take their money right now, and they should just sit down and wait for him to come to them. And yet every single new person comes and asks the same thing over and over again, despite being in perfect earshot for the previous explanations.

And I am sitting there in the meantime and wondering, how can people be so fucking stupid? I mean I am not talking here about reading books, about learning advanced nuclear physics, I am not even talking about IQ and genetics. Those I could understand, because if you are born retarded then yes, not much can be expected from you. What puzzles me in this and many other instances is the pure and total disregard for common sense. This is for me the worst type of stupidity, because it is dependent only on the person. You can’t blame genes or upbringing for your total disengagement with the world around you.

Because this is the problem. So many people today live in their own little bubbles, without understanding the world around them. And this leads to many absurd stories, this leads to a lot of unhappy events that end up with people suffering or even worse. My story may seem puerile to you, it may seem unimportant, but it is a perfect example for the state in which most people around us live.

We are all humans, animals, so that means we have basic instincts. Common sense should be one of them. A dog that burns himself because his food is too hot will always check and be wary about future meals. Because he suffered once and does not want to suffer again. Even a toddler knows to not put his hand into the fire after being burned once. And it is unfortunately this type of intelligence and common sense that people seem to loose with age. This is why we go into crumbling buildings to dance and then complain when they fall down on us, this is why we vote for the same people that fucked us over and over, this is why we make the same mistakes in our relationships and interactions, this is why we never learn anything from past experience and keep repeating our actions waiting for different outcomes…

Because we have this stupid idea that we are special and that we have more important and pressing things to care about besides our own existence. People are so worried about checking the latest Facebook posts that they forget to pay attention to the cars that could actually run them over. Take your head out of your phone next time you are on the street and look around. You will see almost everybody walking like this, with their eyes stuck to a virtual world, all while ignoring the reality that is unfolding around them.

This is the new stupidity, this is the biggest problem of our modern world. Of course we don’t have capable leaders when we don’t fucking care about anything that is not related to our most immediate need. Of course we have so many problems when we don’t understand that we have to think about ourselves in the big picture, we have to meditate about our actions.

Learn to question the things that you do, learn to plan ahead, learn to look inside yourself for a change. Put the phone down, take the headphones out and try to watch and listen for a while. Stop being a worthless idiot, stop being a simple passenger in your own life. Take the wheel, trust me, it feels good…


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