Dependent on technology

I mentioned this two days ago in an article and I just had to come back and expand on the subject. People today are becoming more and more dependent on technology. And while this is not an outright bad thing, we should think about it more and ask ourselves some inconvenient questions. Technology is today a part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and we should use it in order to make our existence simpler and pleasanter. But while we are doing this, we should always try to think about what will happen if it suddenly went away.

Imagine for just a second that you would have to go 1 year without your phone or your computer. Yes, it would be annoying, yes it would be sad, but would you be able to carry on? Would the loss of your phone affect your actual health? If the answer to this is yes, then you have a big problem. Because it is one thing to like technology, it is one thing to go each day on Facebook or Instagram, but another thing all together to be dependent on those platforms and to have all your relationships through those mediums alone.

You should always try to diversify your interests, you should try to have stuff to do even in the absence of your online world. Read books, have fun outside, watch TV not on your phone or computer, call someone from a landline, try to enjoy your vacation without the constant need of posting photos on social media. You will have to make an effort yes, but you will discover in the process a lot of activities that used to be fun.

A worrying trend in the world today is for me the constant desire of people to bring everything together. Instead of having a computer, a TV, a phone, a tablet, a watch, a calendar and an abacus, we want all of those to be put into our phone. And yes, it makes things easier maybe, but it also raises a lot of dangers we are not even aware off. Imagine that your phone is stolen. You have everything there, your friends, your social media accounts, your Netflix account which you connect with your TV, your calendar, your contracts, your credit card information, everything is fucking there into that little piece of metal.

And it can all go away in the blink of an eye, and you lose everything and you have to spend weeks to try to put your life back together. Just because you lost a fucking phone. Doesn’t that scare you, at least a little bit? And before that happens to you, you should ask yourself how did you come to this, why did this happen? The answer unfortunately is simple and worrying. You are lazy, you think you have better things to do with your time! You have better things to do than actually living your own life… Now how stupid does that sound?!

This is the problem, and this is why we should focus more on ourselves if we want to be protected. Stop wanting everything in one place, do the extra effort and you will be safer. If I lose my phone tomorrow I will not lose my phone numbers, because I have them saved on my PC and on a USB drive, I would not lose my schedule because I have that saved in 4 different places, including, wow I know, on actual paper… My credit card information is not online because I don’t mind wasting 2 minutes to input it every time I make a purchase, my accounts and passwords are spread around 4 devices and are also written in a notebook. My life is not tied to my PC or my phone or my tablet or my TV, they are just tools that I try to use to bring me happiness. I am not dependent on technology and I could live without it. Yes, it would be harder, but not impossible.

Try to think about worst scenarios and plan for them, because that is true freedom. You don’t need a smart watch telling you how many steps you walked today, you have a mind and you can approximate, you don’t need you phone book to tell you what your phone number is, you can learn it by heart. Stop being dependent on all these gadgets, because your life should mean more than that. As shocking as it may sound, you are not and you should never be a simple collection of social media accounts. Live your life, don’t just post about it!


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