It’s the media’s fault!

Coming back to another theme I have tackled more than one time in my articles, I had a revelation while talking about the current issues of the day with people. I realized that many of the problems that feel so important and so real to us are simple creations of the media. Maybe it is time to consider that the things that we feel so strongly about are simple distractions that the media uses in order to pump up their ratings and in order to make us feel important and involved in false issues, letting the real ones pass under the radar.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about a conspiracy here. Or at least not a conspiracy in the terms of spy novels. But we can see an agenda, we can see how media outlets come together in reporting things in a specific tone. They are trying to make us think a certain way, they are trying to change the way we relate to certain issues. I can’t say for sure if that is done on purpose or in an orchestrated fashion, but it is obvious that it does happen and it is starting to really piss me off, especially in the last couple of months…

Small arguments between people become global apocalypses through the media’s lens, and we discover ourselves talking and fighting with our loved ones on issues that we don’t really care about, just because the media tells us that we should care. Our society is full of controversies that are not really important, but they are made to seem more than what they are because the media covers them almost to the point of exhaustion.

For fucks sake, do you remember the story about president Trump and the koi fish? Do you remember how all the papers and the websites had it plastered on their frontispiece? We all talked about it, we all chose a side, we all had an opinion… There were political analysts on TV in prime time talking about how you should feed koi fish… Who the fuck cares about that? And I don’t mean who talked about it, because we all did, but who the fuck actually cares about how you should feed koi fish and whether or not Trump did it right?

Another perfect example showing the distance between the media and the actual people is the Presidential Election. In 2016, all the polls said Hillary will win, all the papers said that, almost all in the media predicted that Trump will lose. And no, it wasn’t a conspiracy, it was sheer stupidity, because they started believing their own lies. They started believing that all the problems that they were screaming about were actually important for the voters and that people will act based on their warnings.

And yet, as reality proved, nobody cared about their issues. Trump said he grabbed women by the pussy because he’s a star, every single media outlet blew up and said that he lost the election there because it is impossible to win after saying that. And nobody cared, because in reality, we all have bigger and more important issues to focus on. You will see this again when Roy Moore will win despite being accused of so many things. NOBODY CARES, the same way nobody will stop going to see Fantastic Beasts 2 because Johnny Depp is Grindelwald and many more…

The media tries to blow up stories because they get ratings by doing that. And yes, people like to read about stupid and useless things, but they don’t actually act on them. I am having fun reading about a racist campaign made by Nivea, I have an opinion about that, but in the end, when I go to the supermarket, if I think that Nivea is the best skin care product, I will buy Nivea, regardless of my opinion on the scandal.

Stop getting so worked up on every single subject that is forced fed to you in the media. Imagine you would see the things unfolding before your own eyes instead of getting them through the media and meditate on what your reaction would be. You wouldn’t care about 99% of things that outrage you today when you open CNN. And that is where the manipulation lies. Start focusing on what you really care about and not on what the media tells you to care about. That is the first step on the road to freedom…


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