I want politicians that are human beings, not robots…

“I love to disturb people, because only by disturbing them can I make them think. They have stopped thinking for centuries. Nobody has been there to disturb them. People have been consoling them. I am not going to console anybody, because the more you console them, the more retarded they remain. Disturb them, shock them, hit them hard, give them a challenge. That challenge will bring their capacities to the climax.”


I am tired of seeing leaders that seem parachuted here from another planet, I am tired of seeing almost everybody in the spotlight acting in this choreographed way that is slowly becoming the norm. It’s not natural and it is a real shame that we as a society have come to consider this behavior the normal and to expect it and demand it from everybody. This etiquette that is always touted when we talk about royal families has permeated that class and is slowly becoming a must for every single person that becomes a star. It doesn’t matter now that you are an actor, a sport star, a music star, a king or a senator, everybody expects you to behave in a certain way.

And I am here to tell you that this is wrong, and not just wrong, this is fucking stupid and atrocious. Sure, it may sound nice that you have to behave elegantly, it may sound cute when you are forced to act according to some unwritten laws of chivalry. But it’s not fucking elegant, it’s not fucking cute, it’s a perversion of our natural instincts and it leads to a weak and rudderless class of leaders that have no chance to offer us guidance into the future. Robots are programmed to act in a certain way, they can’t choose outside of their preset commands. And this is what we are turning into as a society with all these rules and guidelines.

We are turning into a factory, where every single person has to say the same thing, every single person has to act in a certain way, and anything that goes outsides these arbitrary boundaries is cast aside as broken. Look around you, and if you take the time to analyze the situation, you will understand how deep the problem is. We are in an age where some opinions are better than others, but not based on the arguments that accompany them. No, some opinions are better than others simply because of the point of view presented in that opinion.

If you go out and say anything against refugees you are labeled almost instantly a crazy extremist, a white supremacist, the scum of the earth… Nobody even listens to your reasoning, to your arguments. At the same time, go out and say something that adheres to the global trends of the moment and you will be praised even if you have no arguments whatsoever. Say that we should open borders and people give you a medal, say that Harvey Weinstein has to rot in Hell and people will applaud you.

But go out and say that maybe we should take care of our own citizens before we think about migrants, tell the world that we should wait for a court verdict of guilty before demonizing alleged sexual abusers, and the reaction is totally opposite. Even if you are 100% right, even if it is obvious you are coming from a place of fucking common sense, the huge media apparatus will grind you down to a pulp. And this is because some opinions are favored even if they are wrong, just because a part of society wants to impose a certain model of thinking.

I want politicians and leaders that behave naturally, I want to see that they are human. Yes, we make mistakes, yes we make rude comments, yes, we always think about sex and we objectify other people. And that’s NORMAL! I want leaders that get mad and have fits of rage, I want leaders that show me that they are still human. I can relate and understand the mistakes of another human being, and I sincerely prefer a politician that acts naturally and messes things up once in a while to a worthless drone that always sticks to the recipe imposed by this new artificial world order!

Stop being ashamed about yourself, you are beautiful and amazing especially because you are flawed. We should be happy we are not perfect and we should rejoice in every single mistake we make. And, we should always remember, as more and more are brainwashed and start believing the liberal ideas, that there is always an absolute truth, and that it is dictated by common sense and reality.

And, surprise surprise, even if every single person in the world believes in something wrong, that does not make their beliefs correct! The number of idiots that think a theory is true has nothing to do with the actual worthiness of that theory… Don’t be afraid to tell people they are idiots, don’t be afraid to challenge them at every step. It is the only way to wake them up from their own stupidity!


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