Video games are good for our children…

We hear every day that people spend too much time on their phones or computers. And that is probably true, unfortunately, our lives have become today linked to the new technologies in a way we never thought possible. It is a lost battle, we can’t live without technology, we have to accept it and try to make the best out of it. And we are trying, it is obvious that a lot of people have begun to understand the negative effects that technology can have on their lives and they are starting to fight against them.

But we should be very careful and not go overboard. Excesses are not good, regardless in what direction they happen. Everything should be done in moderation, because only moderation can help when it comes to dependency on technology. We have to care for our children, we have to watch out and stop their tendency to waste their life in front of a computer, but we should tackle it case by case. We should never forbid them to use the computer or the smartphone, because that is stupid and we will only make things worse.

When it comes to your children, understand that you should never ban things, because when something is forbidden it automatically becomes better. Even for adults this works. The forbidden fruit seems far more appealing just because it is forbidden. So don’t do that to your children, because the effects will be exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve. If you deny them the chance to use the computer, that will become the most important thing for them, and trust me, they will find a way to do it regardless of your will…

Video games are the best thing that your child can do on the computer. I know it’s shocking, but it is the absolute truth. Video games are better than social media, they are better than wasting hours and hours in useless conversations. Games make children happy while also helping them improve. Through video games, you child will be able to learn things, to discover different universes, to understand how the world works, to learn about history, geography, chemistry and many other fields.

And no, I am not talking about those stupid and idiotic learning games, make no mistake, I am talking about mainstream games, I am talking about triple A titles that set you back a lot of money. You may think they are violent, you may think they are setting bad examples, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Video games have been scientifically proven to increase motor function and reflexes, and through them, your children can discover different point of views and information that they would not be exposed to any other way.

Let’s say I have convinced you and now you are thinking about what games to buy for your children. Firstly, buy them those games that they ask for. Don’t be afraid they are too violent, and if you are, you can play with them and make sure you offer the adequate context. And if you still don’t know what games to buy, try these: the GTA series, the Assassins Creed series, Fifa series, sports games and many others. Basically, go on Google and search for the best games of the last few years and give your children amazing Christmas presents this time around. Trust me, you will never regret it.

In conclusion, stop fighting against your children’s desire to play. Let them enjoy technology, let them play video games and don’t be afraid to play right beside them. Video games are amazing and will make you and your children very happy. Whatever you might think, playing a video game all day is far better for your children than spending that same amount of time on Facebook or Instagram. Less social media, more video games, that’s the slogan you should adopt for this New Year…


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