Why would you want to be a snowflake?

Snowflakes… You all know them, you are all familiar with them. And no, I am not talking about those little white things that pour from the sky and make our streets Christmassy, no, I am talking about those over sensitive people that complain all the time and get triggered about everything and anyone who doesn’t behave based on their narrow life views. Come on, you all know them, it seems we are surrounded by them as of late and it seems that they are starting to have a huge impact on our society as a whole.

I am not here to try to explain that, it is unfortunately a trend that I think will be very hard to stop and counter in the following decades. Instead, I would like to address all of the people that feel that way. This article is for everyone that gets triggers easily and complains all the time about imaginary problems… Do you like being this way? Do you like annoying everybody around you with all your stupid ideas and complaints? Do you like always thinking you are weak? Do you like always having problems?

Because this is what it all boils down too in my mind. Snowflakes are not born, they are created. People are animals and animals have certain defining traits. You have to fight a lot in order to suppress those traits and this is what snowflakes are doing. People think that misery makes them special, people think that having problems somehow elevates their existence and turns them into something they’re not. We choose to have problems because we have the misguided idea that those problems make us deep and interesting, when actually they are only making us miss the best parts of our lives.

Being miserable is not easy. Contrary to popular belief, it is far easier to be happy and to not care about every single thing that doesn’t go your way. Our normal demeanor is that of joy, optimism and feel good attitude. This is how we are born. Look at a baby…  He needs only the simplest things in order to be truly and absolutely happy. Give him food, a roof over his head and the warmth of a mother and he is absolutely and 100% happy. It is only later, when that baby grows up that other needs appear. A baby doesn’t care about the ozone layer, a baby doesn’t care about how insensitive is Donald Trump, a baby enjoys life at the fullest and rejoices in the very basic stuff that makes existence meaningful.

Stop getting triggered by everything, decide that you want to be happy and fight to reach that feeling inside of you. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, you are the only one that can choose to feel good. Instead of letting every single thing affect you, choose happiness, choose to enjoy all those things that you think are not good for you. Enjoy a mainstream movie even though it’s racist and sexist and it demeans women. Enjoy a muscle car even though it destroys the environment. Stop recycling, stop caring too much about every single starving child in the world. Start thinking more about your happiness and less about what other people consider the important issues.

You owe nothing to nobody and you should never feel proud about being sad. Being sad and being sensible is not something to boast about, because they make you suffer. And suffering should be avoided, not embraced. There is nothing special about sadness, there is nothing special about being deep if that brings only misery. Be superficial and happy, stop caring about made up issues just because you think it makes you unique. You are not unique, you are not special… Leave that to the real snowflakes…


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