Democracy or dictatorship?

The answer to this question seems so obvious right? And yet, in the last years, I have started to wonder a bit about it, I have started to question a lot of things about our form of government. Before this goes any further, I feel the need to mention that the point of this article is not to condone dictators or to encourage fighting against democracy, not by a long shot. But I do have to point out that these two systems are not examples of good versus evil, but mere different approaches to the same problem, approaches that have both benefits and shortcomings. We should get over our insane fear of certain concepts and analyze them rationally. We might be surprised by the conclusions that will arise from that process…

Democracy is the best system out there, I am certain of that. It is the only system that has the will of the people at its core. And yes, the will of the people should be important, we should all want and strive towards a society that is governed by us as directly as possible. Democracy offers us the most direct alternative and we are the ones responsible with electing our leaders and giving them the power necessary to make decisions. It is a system in which each and every one of us can technically get involved. We have the power to change how our society functions in democracies and there are a number of methods by which we can try to do that. It is also the only system that has proved to work consistently throughout human history, it is the only system that has led to good and tangible results.

But democracy also means that people choose and that mistakes happen. Adolf Hitler was elected democratically with a huge majority, and he is not the only example. People make mistakes, people can be misled, and that means democracies are vulnerable to manipulation, democracies are vulnerable to all sorts of influences. Sure you’ll say, but it is still the will of the people, and I agree, the will of the people is better than any other thing you try to put in place of it. But when you think about democracy, understand something about people. If you take them separately, one by one, they are smart, they can be insightful, they can make good decisions. But put them together and they become a faceless mass that is very prone to manipulation.

A thousand people taken separately can offer amazing informations and ideas, but when you put them together they usually become a seeping mass of stupidity. People are smart, crowds are stupid, and unfortunately in democracies only crowds are able to choose. And this leads me to the second problem in democracies, that nobody takes responsibility. In a dictatorship, all the decisions are usually taken by a single guy, he is the one that shows the way. And he is the one responsible if the way turns out to be wrong. In democracies, everybody chooses and thus nobody is responsible when things go bad.

Also, in democracies, decisions take so much time to be implemented, because everybody has a voice and everybody want their opinion to matter. Dictatorships work better when it comes to making tough decisions, because all of those decisions usually come from one man. Again, I am not saying here that dictatorships are better than democracies, I am only stating the obvious that we can learn things from the way that dictators act and we can accept that some things run better if there is only one person is running the show. So next time when you ask yourself the question in the title, thing about it calmly and without getting triggered. Maybe, just maybe, we all need a little bit of dictatorship in our lives…


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