Are we being manipulated?

Analyzing society in the last couple of years, it seems to me that we are starting to think more about how we are being influenced and manipulated by certain organizations. People are starting to see the false informations and to wonder about the hidden agendas behind their dissemination. We are becoming smarter and smarter as a society. And this can be seen through political examples. In the last two years we had Brexit, we had Donald Trump becoming president, we had a lot of surprises in elections all throughout Europe. All of these are examples that people are biting less into the propaganda of mass-media and they are starting to think for themselves and to take decisions based on actual facts and opinions instead of simply going down the road that is clearly marked by the “authorized” voices… Or is it all just another form of manipulation?

Manipulation is real and unfortunately it is happening more and more, or at least people are trying to manipulate more and more. It is not working as well as in the past, but we should not celebrate this too much. Yes, it is harder and harder for mainstream mass media to manipulate us, it is harder and harder for certain ideas to permeate the cultural zeitgeist. But that doesn’t mean that manipulation doesn’t exist anymore, it just means that is has shifted and changed its main purpose. We are manipulated today by different people and by different ideals.

Let me give you an example. We as a society felt manipulated by the elites, as in we knew, we felt that a lot of famous people got away with things we could never dream about doing. So many people knew that something weird was happening behind the scenes in Hollywood for example, and they all felt manipulated when being told that nothing was wrong. And in 2017, we all get the feeling that his has somehow changed. Look, rich and famous people get in trouble and are being paraded on the news because of what they’ve done. Now we know, now we have escaped the manipulation and can see everything… Right?

Wrong! The manipulation is still there, only it has shifted directions. This is what we must understand. As weird as it may sound, before we start getting excited about a certain cultural or social trend, we should think about why this has appeared now and who has interests in pushing it and developing it. It doesn’t matter if the trend is good or bad, it doesn’t matter if it comes from the far left or the alt right, every single time, behind every single trend, there are some people and organizations profiting from it.

I know, I know, you would like to think that maybe the world is becoming a better a place, but maybe you should just start accepting the idea that everything that happens is because somebody decided for the paradigms to shift. Maybe today liberalism and acceptance is the norm and in ten years’ time the media will be asking for a return to traditional values. Things shift, things change, the agenda of the day is influenced by a lot of shadows… This is why you should always be on your guard and try to think for yourself…

So yes, everybody is trying to manipulate you, all the time. What can you do? It’s very simple… Stop believing too hard in any theory, concept or agenda. I am not saying you should not have ideals, just do not sacrifice yourself for them. The only way to avoid being manipulated is to not get triggered and inflamed so easily. Forces from all sides prey upon your sensitive nature, they want to make you feel perpetually at war. Understand that this is only a ruse that makes is easier for them to control you. We are not at war, we are not facing imminent disasters every day. Always remember, it is ok to have dreams, as long as you don’t believe in them too much…


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