Stop trying to take Christmas away!

This will be a short one, since Christmas is close by and I want to start working on that tree, on that traditional food and on every other example of White Supremacy I can think about…

Wait wait, what do you just read? White Supremacy? Yes, unfortunately, this is the narrative in today’s world. Celebrating Christmas has become a question about racism, white supremacy, cultural appropriation and other such liberal insanities.

Stop it! Just stop trying to ruin every single fun thing in our society. Christmas is good, Christmas is fun and you will not take it away from us normal people. We do not give a fuck about your entitled crying, we do not give a fuck about your false issues!

Cultural insensitivity is a myth… It’s not that people disrespect culture, it’s only that you are a fucking sensitive snowflakes that get triggered out of everything… Enjoy the holidays, enjoy Christmas and stop worrying about illusions. Nobody cares about culture appropriation, nobody cares about racism, sexism or any other –ism you might want to promote… We want to be happy and live our lives however the fuck we want!

Christmas is about happiness, gifts, family, good food and having fun! Get with the party or get the fuck out!

Merry Christmas!


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