Conspiracy theories, we all believe in them…

We’ve all heard about conspiracy theories and we’ve laughed about them more than once. You know what I am talking about, the Earth being flat, the moon landing being staged, Elvis and Hitler living together on an island, explosives at the base of the towers… Stuff like that. People that talk about those things usually get ridiculed and laughed at and pointed out as complete lunatics. And I am not going to say here that theories like that are true, but I am going to point out that, despite what we might want and like to think, we all have certain ideas in which we believe very strongly, that are considered insane by the vast majority of people.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all believe in certain conspiracy theories, we all believe that we know more than the people around us. It is a nice and interesting feeling to have and the human race rejoices in it. We love feeling superior, we love feeling that we know what is behind the shadows. And this is why if you think deep and honest about it, you will discover that you do have some sort of belief in something not proven and that the majority rejects. You will discover that you are sure about something that is not common knowledge, most of the times without any real evidence to support it.

Conspiracy theories appear because people feel the need to understand things, to find out what are the real causes that lead to a certain event happening. This is a normal desire and we should accept it and be proud of it. The desire to understand the universe is one that defines us as human beings and we should always try to look after it and nurture it. The moment when we lose our analytical spirit and we stop asking questions is the moment we become lesser beings. Never stop asking questions, never stop making your own theories about things, even if they are far fetched and seem ridiculous to those around you. You should never be ashamed of what you think and believe and you should never be afraid to stand up for your theories, regardless of how much weight they actually carry.

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they fill a void that really needs this to being with. I mean come on, look around you, it is very obvious that things happen because of reasons that remain many times a mystery. The reasons are unknown to us, and yet, we know they’re there, we can feel their presence. There are people around the world that have a lot of power, there are people around the world that have hidden agendas, you would have to a complete moron to deny that. So this is why conspiracy theories catch on so easily, because people see the effects of the games played behind the curtain and they want to know more about them.

So next time when you want to belittle the people that believe in big conspiracy theories, remember that you also do the same thing, although maybe on a smaller scale. The process is the same, whether you think your coworker got that promotion because she knows where the skeletons are in the company or whether you believe that the United States blew up the World Trade Center buildings because they wanted to have a reason for invading Afghanistan and getting to all that oil. It’s the same thing that rests behind both theories and you should start accepting that people believe in conspiracy theories not necessarily because they are stupid or misinformed, but maybe because they want to feel special. In the end, we all have to admit that we want and like some mysteries in our life…


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