Feeling sad? Then maybe it’s time to open that beer!

People are sad. More and more people are disappointed with their lives and with those around them. We find fault with everything and it is so easy to just fall down the well of despair and consider that our lives are devoid of meaning. This is starting to be a huge problem in today’s society, because it seems like, the more things we have, the sadder we are. It is very weird, because humanity’s progress has been amazing, especially in the last decades. We have better healthcare, we live longer, we have a lot of useful things that make our life easier. And yet, all of this makes us unhappy… It’s fucking weird…

Why is that I ask myself? Why is it that people always want more than what they currently have? Unfortunately, this is the way we have been programmed in this modern society. Everything has to evolve, everything has to change, not because of actual needs, oh no, but simply because we must have changes in order to be happy. We have been brainwashed to expect change and to consider that change is the only sign of progress. Even if we are happy about something in our lives, after a while, we feel the inexplicable need to change it in order to be content. It might sound like a small thing, but it is one of our biggest flaws in this moment as a race.

Change is useful, but change should always come when it is truly needed. Think about the things you want to change in your life, but think about them rationally. You will discover that many of them are not really necessary. Yes, you don’t need to change your phone every year, you don’t need to buy new clothes or cut your hair whenever you have a problem. Change should happen naturally and when needed, not as a way to mask your real problems. If you feel sad you should work on that, not change a million other things just for the sake of it…

Feeling sad doesn’t make you special, feeling sad doesn’t bring development. People should stop praising sadness. We should stop considering bad feelings as a condition for development. You can be a deep and complex person while you are happy, you do not need angst in order to be special. You have been lied to by the media and by the snowflakes that want to mask their own weaknesses as character traits. People are unable to solve their problems so they go on glorifying them, because that way they feel better. It might sound cute and cuddly but it is actually the worst thing you can do.

When you have a problem, fucking solve it, don’t embrace it, don’t be happy that you are sad. Feeling bad should make you angry, feeling bad should motivate you to do better and to improve your life instead of simply accepting your own shortcomings. I have said a million times, you don’t have to be sad, that doesn’t prove that you are a worthy human being, that just means you are weak and incapable of solving your problems.

A snowflake liberal would probably say here something like “oh no, don’t worry, I am not promoting drinking, I am promoting a healthy lifestyle and blab la bla…”. I am not going to say that. I am fucking promoting drinking! Go drink, drink as much as you need to stop feeling sad, drink as much as you need to start liking your life the way it is. Drink until you learn to appreciate yourself, drink until you feel happy. Yes, it’s not the ideal way to do it, but if everything else fails, it is better than nothing. Stop worrying about everything, stop feeling sad just because you don’t fit into the criteria’s that our society forces upon you. Stop it! Pop that beer and enjoy pure and unaltered happiness… Maybe you will discover that happiness is the best drug out there… And… it’s free!


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