Top Advices for picking up girls in a bar!

Picking up a girl in a bar has always been a true test of manhood. I know, I know, we live in a society where it is actually a crime to be a man, I know, but still, despite all the adversity and the stupidity of the #meetoo movement and despite all the cries of the worthless liberal snowflakes, I sincerely believe that there are still a lot of girls out there that like guys who try to communicate with them and aren’t afraid to “make a move”! So here are my advices for that moment when you want to “make a move”:


  1. Be yourself – do not try to create a whole new persona just because you feel it will work better. It will maybe get you an opening, but it will be fake and your true self will come out eventually. It is better to just try and act normal. Honesty almost always works when it comes to relationships.


  1. Be ready to fail – when it comes to impressing girls, you have to accept that you will be rejected more often than once. Some people simply do not click and it is no shame in that. Do not give up and try again and again until you find the girl that likes you.


  1. Project confidence – women respond to confidence, women like it when you are sure about yourself. Show them that you are a real man and they will respond. Do not go cap in hand and grovel, show them that while yes, you would be lucky to have them, they will also be lucky if they have you.


  1. Play to your assets – this is a tricky one, and it depends very much on the type of girl that you want to attract. If you are looking for supermodels that are superficial, then focus on the way you look and the things you own. If you are looking for a deeper connection, than focus on the things you say and on how interesting you are. But keep in mind that regardless of what you think about yourself, you are what you are. Don’t pretend you are God’s gift to women if you don’t look like Brad Pitt and don’t pretend you are Albert Einstein if the only thing you’ve read in the last year is the gym membership card…


  1. Don’t get discouraged by the first no – I am not saying here you should act like a creep and stalk people and shit, but at the same time, understand that some women like to play hard to get. Learn to understand when a girl wants you to try harder and when she wants you to just get the fuck away from her and act accordingly.


  1. Talk about hot topics – do not be afraid to talk about sex, relationships, religion or any other sensible subjects. If you want to impress a girl, be the one that challenges her and be willing to make he think and wonder. Do not shy away from important subjects because nobody wants to go home with a social justice warrior that talks about the weather.


  1. Know your goals – if you want a one night stand you have to act a certain way, if you want a long term relationship you should act in another way. Understand and accept what you want from the interaction and adapt your style accordingly.


And in the end, for the snowflakes that will get triggered and say that men should not pick up girls and bla bla bla… I don’t care! Men should be the ones that initiate things because this is how it has been for so much time and more importantly, this is how it should be. It doesn’t mean that girls are weak, it just means that men and women have certain roles that they should not try so hard to abolish. We are different and we should rejoice in our differences instead of trying so hard to erase them…


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