Pro-life or Pro-abortion?

This question is starting to become more and more powerful in today’s society, especially considering how the divide between sides has grown over the last few years. People seem to be unwilling to listen to anything other than their own message, they don’t want to at least try to understand the opinions of those around them. No, we march on, stuck in our little bubble and we don’t accept anything that could jeopardize our moral principles. And this is just stupid and it is the main reason for all of our conflicts.

We are unwilling to change, unwilling to accept that maybe there are certain areas or ideas on which we are wrong. It is frightening to me to see so many people that can’t own up when they make a mistake and simply accept reality as it is. This is one of the biggest flaws of the modern society, we don’t want to accept reality and instead we try to fool ourselves and to fill our heads with lies. We lie to ourselves because we are afraid to accept the truth, we are afraid that accepting we might be wrong will destroy our entire persona.

And this is the context of today, this is the world in which we ask ourselves if we are pro-life or if we are pro-abortion. First thing you have to think about when you ask this question is how fast you came up with the answer. If it is instantaneously, then you have a problem. Because no matter what you believe in and no matter what experiences you had, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as you think it is.

Abortion is a terrible experience, and despite the stupidity of feminists, it is an experience that scars you for life. Abortion is not fun, abortion is not easy, and we should stop glorifying it. No Lena Dunham, you shouldn’t feel sorry for not having an abortion, you should fucking feel grateful that you didn’t have to go through that ordeal. The first step towards finding an answer for this question is to accept that both options are realistically possible and they both have a lot of arguments to back them up.

Yes, many people consider abortion to be a crime, and many people consider that it is the right of everyone to do what they please with their bodies. But these are extreme positions that should not be applied universally. Each case is different, each reasoning is different and we cannot anticipate every single situation that can arise in order to create a universal guideline. Maybe instead of trying to outright ban abortions or to outright promote them, we should try to educate our society to make better choices and to be prepared to face the consequences of their choices without whining so much. Nothing is only black or white and we should stop viewing the world through so narrow lenses.

In conclusion, I really think we should ponder more before we emit absolute judgments. Yes, to have abortion after abortion just because you don’t like the feel of a condom and it’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it is stupid, and it should not be condoned or encouraged. But at the same time, we have to understand that accidents happen, rape happens, dramas happen, and you cannot force anybody to go through the hardships of childbearing just because you think they should.

In my mind, we should allow any woman to have an abortion if she needs it or if she wants it, but we should stop glorifying it. Yes, you may need, want or require an abortion, but don’t make it into something good. You made a mistake, you are correcting it, but IT IS A BAD THING! Abortions are necessary but they are not good, they are bad things and we should feel ashamed in doing them in the absence of a real reason (rape, medical problems and others like this). Don’t be proud you had an abortion, just have it and have the decency to accept that it is not a good thing to do. Simple as that…


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