What is the purpose of voting?

Protesting, resisting, you see it more and more around the world. And before I get into it, I want to make something very clear. I have no problem with protests, they are a part of democracy and a very important one at that. But I have a problem with absurd protests that focus on trying to change things that are not problematic. Yes, if you live in an abusive regime, a dictatorship in which the basic rights and freedoms of individuals are trashed, then by all means, protest, revolt, start a revolution, it’s your right!

But for the rest of us that live in consolidated democracies, understand that protesting just for the sake of protesting is absurd and very dangerous. Because we have a lot of mechanisms that are put in place especially for those types of situations. When we feel that our government is doing something we don’t agree with, we have courts, we have representatives we can talk to, we have a lot of constitutional ways to stop them. And if they all fail, than we have to just accept that sometimes, in democracies, things that we don’t like happen.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of voting is? Why voting is the best and the most used form of direct democracy? Why is that? I know, this may shock you, but the point of voting is very simple. You can’t change your mind immediately! It is as simple as that, and it is what makes democracy work. If we abolish voting or if we throw out the results simply because we don’t like them, than we are destroying the most basic and important pillar of democracy, we are destroying the very system that we are trying to protect.

People are usually afraid of commitment. We always think we made a mistake so we, as a race, are very prone to changing our minds. How many times did you make a decision over what food to buy just to go home and wonder if the other thing would have been better? This is a big problem of the human race and it is evident in almost everything that we do. We have remorse over what job we took, how much we drank last night, how many children we had, and many many more. And while those types of thoughts are acceptable in our personal lives, they are not acceptable when it comes to government.

We can’t change our mind every day when it comes to the people that lead us, because it would throw our entire society into chaos. So that’s why we have the voting system, that forces us to basically accept a decision we made without having a chance to overthrow it as soon as remorse kicks in. And this is the only way people stick by their decisions, this is the only way to ensure a continuity in the act of governing. I know, a lot of people would change presidents and governments every other day, but that is crazy.

So you go, and you vote, and then you have to accept the decision that you made, knowing you will only get another chance in 4 or 5 years or however long the cycle is. You don’t like what some politician is doing, though luck, you can challenge it through constitutional channels, but if those fail, you have to simply accept that the vote of the people is supreme. Stop protesting like morons in the street and start accepting that in democracies, voting is the only thing that matters. It could turn out great or it could turn out to be a tragedy, but that is how democracy works!

You vote and you give power, and then that person can do whatever the fuck he wants with that power, of course staying within the boundaries of the law! But whatever he or she wants! And they will be rewarded or they will pay at the next vote and so on… This is how democracy works and to all those idiots that protest on the streets and resist, I have only one message: Grow the fuck up already!


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