Where have the real men gone?

I am asking myself this question more and more today. In the light of all the scandals of last year, in light of the rise of the #meetoo movement and assaulted by so many radical feminists that say unbelievable things, I am here wondering about what happened to men!? And I don’t mean the hipsters and sensible snowflakes of today, no, I mean real men, men that are not afraid to show strength and to act accordingly to their gender. Where are the men of old, men who you would instantly respect because of the way they acted and looked?

And no feminists, I am not talking about men that abuse or belittle women, don’t go crazy on me please. Those are not real men and it is only in your mind the fact that you think we consider them as such. Real men are those that show strength and power and that behave impeccably towards those around them. A real man knows how to treat a woman and doesn’t abuse her, but at the same time he doesn’t try to be like her nor thus he expect her to be like him. A real man understands that it is normal to have a lot of differences and that those differences are exactly what makes us like each other.

A real man is stronger than a woman, a real man knows that he must protect his woman but at the same time he must encourage her to think on her own and have her own life. He supports her and offers her whatever she needs. But at the same time, a real man accepts that there are some things that he can’t understand, he accepts that it is normal for women to be more empathic, to have better attention to details, a real man understands that it’s not required of him to fucking know how many shades of pink are there…

A real man makes the first step, a real man is not afraid to ask a woman out, a real man is not afraid to work in order to impress a woman. Look at the animal kingdom, 99% of the species work this way. It is normal for the male to go out of his way to impress the female, and that doesn’t mean that the female is weaker, it is exactly the opposite. The female gives birth (ok, ok, there are exceptions, but only 3 and only if you are one of these: pipefish, seahorses and the leafy sea dragon – here, the male gives birth) to the offspring so this is why she holds all the power and she gets to choose the most suitable mate in order to have the best chances of reproduction.

So the fact that men should do all the work and try to impress women is a true testament of the power of women and should never be considered a bad thing. Stop trying to turn everything into a bad thing, stop trying to turn everything into discrimination. It’s not discrimination, it’s simply the way the world works and the world will continue to work this way even if you bang your heads against the wall trying to change it.

Real men are very rare today and that to me is a very dangerous thing. Because in the absence of real men, the expectations of women change and deteriorate. There are so many snowflakes out there that will do anything just to impress women, even go against their principles. These weak people are making it harder and harder for women to have real and healthy expectations from their partners and this is why today you see so many young males dressing up in skin tight jeans and taking 2 hours in the bathroom to arrange their hair.

We have to take action and we have to start appreciating the true qualities of manhood instead of trying to change and twist ourselves into knots just in order to appease the chorus of snowflakes that shout all around us. We are men and we should never be ashamed of it, we should be proud of it and we should shout it from the top of our lungs. Be proud that you are a man and fucking start acting like one!


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