Where have the real women gone?

Yesterday I was asking myself what happened to all the real men out there. And now, I am asking what happened to all the real women out there? Because this problem is not restricted to one gender, not by a long shot. It is a correlation, because as one gender changes, the other will follow suit. Relationships and interactions between humans are in the end like a free market. There is demand and there is offer and those two are permanently interlinked. If the offer changes radically and drastically, then over time, the demand will also change in order to adapt to the realities of the market. And after a while, those changes will be forgotten and we will start considering that our adapted demands are actually what we have always wanted.

Women today have changed. A lot of those changes are very good things and we should celebrate them. Women today are more empowered, they are powerful, they have voices, and they feel more comfortable in demanding that their rights are respected. And those are amazing things and amazing progresses that our society has made in the last decades. But, in all this progress and amongst all of these changes, it seems that a lot of women have forgotten what I means to be real women… They have forgotten many of the traits that define their gender and that helped them so much before…

Feminism today is toxic, purely toxic, because it encourages women to stop using their best features just because of some idiotic principles that no sane person could adhere to… What am I talking about? Well, it’s simple. Look over the last 10 years how many campaigns tell women that they shouldn’t care how the look, that being fat is ok, that they should never depend on a man, that they should always solve their problems alone and so on…

It seems nice, it seems empowering right? WRONG! It’s not empowering, it’s just stupid, because the world works based on some traits that are never going to change, no matter how much you might want them to. Look, I have no problem with telling people to be ok with how they look, but don’t fucking tell them it doesn’t matter, because it does. A pretty girl will have it so much easier than an ugly one, so when you are telling your child that she can eat as much as she wants, you are robbing her of chances in life. Whatever the feminists say, a beautiful girl will get more chances in life. And no amount of legislation will be able to change that, because it is the way the world works.

So instead of trying so hard to change the way reality works, isn’t it easier to adapt to it? Isn’t it easier to understand that being feminine is one of the most important advantages that women have? Men are so fucking easy to manipulate because sex is for us like kryptonite is for Superman. If you tell women to stop using their sexuality in order to get stuff from men than you are robbing them of their biggest weapon. Again, I am not saying here that we should teach our girls to be prostitutes, but we should give them the choice and explain the options clearly. Yes, you can eat whatever you want and you can dress like a Mormon, but unfortunately that means that it is very possible you will lose your dream job or your dream guy to another girl that isn’t afraid to show off some skin or to pretend that she is helpless and needs a big strong powerful man to help her… Guys eat that shit up and bend over backwards for you and you think that’s sexism and want to change it? OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Stop trying to be something you are not. Women are women because of their femininity and guys are guys because of their masculinity. Both genders have strong points and weaknesses, and a real woman is not upset by this, she uses her advantages in order to come out ahead. This is what a real woman is, a woman that is not afraid of her femininity and doesn’t run away from it. A real woman is not a feminist, a real woman is just feminine!


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